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Prices and Fee Schedule


An adjustment is $44 per visit.


Once a patient shows a commitment to regular care they are eligible for the monthly wellness program, similar to a membership, which is only $105 per month for an individual. This provides for weekly adjustments with only an additional cost of $10 per additional visit if the patient comes in for more than one per week. 


The Family Wellness Plan provides the same service for a family at only $175 per month!


For the initial office visit we will take, develop, and analyze three different X-Rays for the presence and severity of vertebral subluxations present in your spine. The results of which will be reported back to you as we discuss how best chiropractic care can improve your health


1 Full Spine - $70

1 Lateral Lumbar - $30

1 Lateral Cervical - $30


Initial Comprehensive Assessment

The detailed spinal assessment which Dr. Tanner conducts is $75 and this allows us to better understand how the condition of your spine is affecting your overall health. During the assessment you will also become aware of just how important your spine is to your overall health and how you can benefit from chiropractic care!

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