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We at Come Alive Chiropractic use several methods to make corrections or "adjustments" to subluxations (misalignments) in your spine. The newest is a light fo​rce instrument (arthrostim) that gives up to twelve pulses per second to initiate spinal motion and restore mobility and life to your spine. It also activates the brain through the nerve system to reprogram motion and postural imbalances. It does not necessitate twisting or pushing on your spine, so it provides a more comfortable adjustment for those who may not prefer a more traditional adjustment. 

Rx4 Core Experience

The Rx4 is a piece of equipment which Dr. Tanner developed himself, with his 37 years of experience as a Doctor of Chiropractic, 35 years of Yoga practice, years of Chi Gong, Feldenkrais practice, and others. It helps you to personally relieve the stress on your spine as you relax and utilize the foam rollers to help restore the curvature of your spine. For more details on the Rx4 click HERE!


For our adult patients we take 3 different X-Rays: 1 Full Spine, 1 Lateral Lumbar, and 1 Lateral Cervical. Dr. Tanner takes and processes the X-Rays in the office before analyzing them. He then reports to you the findings and a recommendation for care. The X-Rays provide crucial information about the condition of your spine, which is important since only 15% of the nerves in your spine actually register pain. This means that 85% of your nerves could be compromised without any pain to alert you to a problem with your health. 



For Dr. Tanner to become familiar with the condition of your spine, he needs to first become familiar with it by observing your posture and range of motion along with taking a close look at your individual vertebrae. This assessment allows us to pinpoint any areas of concern called vertebral subluxations and provide feedback to you about how we can proceed with care to improve your health and relieve any pain.

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